How to deliver your products to Amazon?

Amazon is the world’s biggest opportunity to sell products and services. Selling on Amazon involves few steps such as registering a seller account, finding winning products, working with the supplier for private label products, packing, and finally shipping to amazon. Shipment is the important step to sell on Amazon, so If you sell retail items, wholesale or private label, you’ll need to know how to do it.

Note: Fulfilment-by-Amazon (FBA) sellers have the opportunity to ship their products straight to Amazon’s warehouses. Read our article about Amazon FBA

Setting up the first FBA shipment can be a hard task for brand new Amazon sellers, but you don’t have to worry about it. Today in this article I’ll guide you through every step of how to set your first Amazon shipment fast and conveniently.

New Way of Shipping to Amazon’s warehouses 

Amazon has introduced its new “Send to Amazon” beta, it is a three steps shipment mechanism. Current Send to Amazon beta is the mechanism to ship only case-packed products. If you want to ship individual products have to follow the old method of shipment.

Let’s learn about both ( Old and New ) methods of shipment products to Amazon.

Step by Step: Delivering your FBA Products to Amazon Inc

Follow this step-by-step guide to setting up a shipment to Amazon.

First Step :

Login to your seller account and go to “Manage Inventory”

Second Step :

On the top of the screen, click on the dropdown name “Edit” and choose “Send/Replenish Inventory.”

Third Step :

In this step, you need to enter information like.

  1. Ship from address ( If you have Inventory at your home/ Office, enter that address )
  2. Choose Between “Individual products” or “Case-packed products”. ( Select individual if you have different products of different size and packaging )
  3. Choose “Case-packed products” if all the products are of the same SKU
  4. Click on the button “Continue to shipping plan”

Fourth Step :

Fill the Boxes by providing information like “Units per Case”, “Number of Cases” after filling up the boxes click on Continue to proceed to the next screen.

Fifth Step :

In this step, Amazon will ensure that your products need any preparation before shipping to Amazon or not. You will be asked to select the type of products, here Amazon will guide you on what type of preparation is required. Here you can check if the products fall in the prep categories or not, if not then no need for prep.

Sixth Step :

At this step choose how your products are labeled. Here you can also choose to apply Amazon (FNSKU) barcodes. It provides two options 1: Labeled by Amazon or 2: Label Item Yourself. If you choose self-labeling, enter the label number and click on “Print labels for this page.”

Seventh Step :

At this step, you can choose fulfillment centers to send you Inventory

Eighth Step :

At this last step, you have to choose shipping services and how your products will be packed.

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